What's Cool for the Week of July 4

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What's Cool for the Week of June 27

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What's Cool for the Week of July 25

This week’s theme is the very few articles NOT about Thiel, Trump, Clinton or Yahoo.

Our most read article is Why Startup Technical Diligence is a Waste of Time (Coding VC)

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Branch Examined Universal Links Across Hundreds of Apps and the Data Speaks for Itself

Originally published by Austin Hay on Branch Blog on April 14, 2016

Implementing Universal Links results in a 40% increased conversion to open rate. Continue reading to learn more about the study.

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Data Scientists: 4 Reasons to Explore the Local Startup Community

By Chris Kay

Today it seems that everyone and their mother has a idea for a startup. It also seems that a ton of new startups are being built using data science and machine learning techniques.Read more

What's Cool for the Week of April 11

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Apple's Universal Links: A Testament to Untested Software

Originally published by Alex Austin on Branch Blog on April 3, 2016. This article also appeared as a guest post on Venture beat.

Apple’s software quality has been the subject of criticism for some time now. Marco Arment helped bring this to the forefront after publishing his blog post, “Apple has lost the functional high ground,” where he criticized the company for poor quality software.Read more

TL;DR Primer on The Current State of Venture Funding

“Money is like gas in the car — you need to pay attention or you’ll end up on the side of the road — but a well-lived life is not a tour of gas stations!” – Tim O’Reilly

Those gas station stops are now further down the road and the price of gas just went up.Read more

Making the Confidentiality Clause a ‘Survivor’ of the Employment Contract

Author: Kathy Tomaszewski, Chief Knowledge Officer, Clausehound Inc.

This article was originally posted on Clausehound.com

The Jungle

For most of us, the toughest ‘jungle’ we will have to learn to survive in is the world of employment. Most of us will not win a $1 million prize by being crowned the Sole Survivor on the popular show Survivor – we will have to earn our $1 million day by day at work. And unlike the rules on the TV show, it takes more than personality conflicts to snuff out our membership in the workplace ‘tribe’ in which we find ourselves.Read more

Measuring the Success (and Failure) of Mobile Marketing Campaigns

Originally published by Evan Barry on Branch Blog on January 28, 2016

Mobile developers are at the heart of everything we do at Branch. From the ease-of-use of our SDK, to the global mobile growth community that we’ve built around the world, our job for the last year and a half has been to help mobile developers turn their app ideas into viable businesses.

Mobile Marketing Tips

Because of this goal and the community we’ve built, we’ve had the opportunity to interact with some of the most prominent figures in mobile and hear their stories of trial, tribulation, and in many cases, success. Each story we hear turns into a lesson on best practices, mistakes to avoid, or growth opportunities you may overlook. Below we’ll share two of the most interesting mobile marketing lessons we’ve heard so far in 2016.Read more